Tuesday, January 05, 2021

How to Write a Paper in a Weekend - Dr. Carr

The toughest part about writing a paper is "getting to it."  

I was cruizing YouTube tonight (instead of doing the writing I needed to do) when I found this 12-minute video about how to write a paper in a weekend.  This video is not fancy.  Dr. Pete Carr shares his insight into what it takes to layout the first draft of a research paper.

While Dr. Pete Carr is talking about an experimental research paper, the same holds true for a literature review, an argumentative review, or any other type of paper that you write.  Important points are made throughout the video but here are some of the high points.

  • Get To It!!! - Don't procrastinate.  Set a time to begin and get started.
  • This is your First Draft - This is the Creative Part. Don't worry about making the perfect sentence. Organize the basics and leave the final editing till later.
  • Do your literature research first - you have already reviewed the materials that you will use as a foundation for your paper (Experimental or Lit Review). Put them in order using tables or figures.
  • Identify your audience.  - No matter who you select, remember the reviewers.
  • Use an Outline. - Get your ideas together. You will probably not be writing this in a single sitting, so get your ideas together to corral your content.
  • Don't write the Introduction FIRST!! - The Introduction is the hardest part to write. Begin by writing the more concrete content - Methodology, Results, Discussion.  These are more concrete so easier to write.
  • Write the Conclusion - It is easiest if you number these separate conclusions.
  • Write the Introduction - At Last!! Why was the study done?  Provide the "relevant background information" to create the foundation for the work that you have already written.
  • Produce the References - Collect the references you have already found.  If you find that there are some holes in your collection, DON'T search for them now. Make a note and find the AFTER you have completed your rough draft.
You have completed your rough draft.  Now it is time for you to focus on your critical skills and clean it up.

Dr. Carr completes with a list of recommended references.

This is a must-see video for all students and professors.  It makes it easier to approach the process and validates the fears you might have.  Most importantly, it provides suggestions for overcoming those barriers.

Thank you, Dr. Carr, and Happy Writing Everyone!!!


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    Writing a paper is a common task that all of us have to complete. And if you are like most people, you don’t have the time to research and write an essay on your own.


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