Thursday, July 11, 2019

The State of EdTech 2019-2020

cover for Stet of EdTech 2019-2020 report

What IS the State of EdTech?  

EdTech Digest has released their perception of what to expect for the next year. State of 

This includes the top 100 influencers in EdTech.  
It also includes a list of upcoming trends.  These are surprises, but that is because they are trends - not surprises.  Trends are opportunities that evolve.  Learning Computer Science has been building recognition as an important process for problem solving, critical thinking, and potential job qualifications. Inclusion in this list is important because it provides the necessary recognition.

I won't list all of these trends but here are a few:
  • The increasing importance of STEM
  • Big companies will be more involved in EdTech
  • Computer Science has ARRIVED!
  • Virtual Schooling
  • Coding
  • EdTech Leadership
  • Career Preparedness
  • Celebrating Teachers
  • eGaming/eSports in schools
  • Redefining Literacy
  • VR, AI, and VR in the Classroom
To Mention a few . . . check it out!  Do you agree with the predictions?