Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Dr. Z's 20 Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and Windows

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Right?  It enables you to connect with colleagues, family, students, teachers, customers, and everyone else.  You can attend online classes through Zoom. You can participate in virtual conferences and conventions.  You can even attend church with your friends and family (or anywhere in the world.)

As exciting as Zoom may be, it can be overwhelming.  There are SOOOO many buttons to click and menus to use.  Unmute me. Stop my video. Raise my hand. Share my screen. Jump to the next screen of participants. It can be TOO MUCH!!! It would be much easier if we just knew the Magic Keys to press to make things happen.           

At least that is what I was thinking . . .

I searched everywhere for a table of these commands.  I wanted it for my Mac but many of my students use Windows so I wanted both.  Zoom had lists of commands.  Many websites contained their own lists of commands, but I wanted a TABLE.  That's how I think.

So . . . I created a Table of Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and Window

There was much to learn while I collected these shortcuts.  Did you know that:
  • if you are muted, you only have to press the SPACE BAR to temporarily unmute yourself?
  • you can raise or lower your hand using Alt-Y (on both platforms)?
  • you can show/hide the chat room using Command-Shift-H (or Alt-H on Windows)?
  • on Windows, you can flip between pages of participants using PageDown or PageUp?
  • Windows uses the F6 to flip between Zoom Windows.  This is great when you have too many open windows on your screen and get lost.  Hit F6 a few times and you will get where you want to be.
You will notice that the letters used for each command are the same on both platforms.  Windows usually uses the Alt key.  Mac uses the Alt key too, but it is also labeled as Option.

I am still on the lookout for some keyboard shortcuts:
  • Zoom Window Navigation shortcut on my Mac.
  • Flip between Gallery View and Active Speaker shortcut on my Mac.
  • Rename shortcut for either platform
  • Hide Non-Video Participants shortcut as well. 
Readers: Do you know any of these shortcuts?  if so, send me a note and I will include them.

ZOOM VIDEO CORP . . . CAN YOU HEAR ME?   Please expand your Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts using some of these suggestions.  You have an incredible product and we just want to help you make it better.


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