Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Benefits of Blogging in the Elementary Classroom

This is a wonderful 4-minute video by Linda Yollis and her 2nd/3rd grade students provides a realistic examination of how blogging in your classroom can turn writing projects into communication projects.   

Mrs. Yollis shares how she has used it to change how she is teaching and her students share what they are learning.  I especially like how the students talk about how they rate their comments on other people's postings.  They rate them using 1 or 2.  The 1 comment responds to the posting but the 2 comment asks questions and continue with the discussion.

I know that I will be using this in my Using Digital and Social Media class.  What about you?  Is it benefiting your blog use?


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  1. Ok, a comment from a newbie on blogging. I love this idea and hope to utilize it with my own teaching. I would like to have my ultrasound students blog, and also get technologist from various areas to chime in on working through the daily dilemmas of the imaging technologist. What would be a good way to begin this project? How does one get the word out there about your blog to get technologist from the outside involved?


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