Saturday, April 12, 2014

8 Biggest Challenges that Teachers Face Today

The folks over at Emerging Ed Tech recently did a survey of their readers to find out what they wanted to know about education and Instructional technology. They had 160 replies which is a good response.  

This table is a list of their results.  Some of the issues are standard issues, but it looks like they are feeling the challenges of integrating 21st Century Learning strategies in their classrooms.  Admittedly, this is not a cross-section of all teachers, because there is a specific group of teachers who read their website.  These teachers are forward looking.  They are the ones who are trying to improve their leaching/learning environments. They are the ones who go to conferences and are continually reading and watching and connecting. 

I look at the list and and all of them are concerns of mine.   How does this fit what challenges you in your teaching?

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  1. Dr. Z - I agree. These are all concerns of mine, too - and mostly in the order I would put them as well. I would put "limiting distractions in the classroom" at the bottom because I feel like if I was better at keeping students engaged, this would become less of an issue.
    I think inspiring students to be more self-directed is my biggest issue right now. It's hard to pinpoint why they aren't more self-directed (because I feel like to address the solution, I have to really understand the problem). Is it because I haven't set up the lesson (and my class overall) to have given them the tools and confidence they need? Is it because they aren't encouraged to be self-directed in their other classes and so they don't understand why they are in my class? Is it because they have spent 10 years in education before me getting the majority of information from their teachers and it's "hard to teach an old dog new tricks"? Something else? All of these? And if the 2nd two are true - how do I change other educators? I really only have control over what happens in my room... I continue to give this a lot of thought!


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