Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bye Bye Textbooks . . .Hello eBooks.

Here is an infographic that shares some interesting facts about how digital textbooks are taking the place of printed textbooks.   It is the first of a series of postings I will be providing about what is happening with textbooks.

Digital devices to replace textbooks
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  1. I find myself in the percentage of people that prefer eBooks over a print book, but I still find myself wanting more from eBooks that are currently available. While there are a number of logistical benefits of eBooks: searching for a word or phrase, definitions in text, much lighter, etc., the medium still hasn't really changed. I still find Kindle books to be very linear and single media. I think with new software like iBooks Author, the potential for eBooks is still coming. In my experiences, it's all about how the book is used in the classroom. If I'm told to open my book during class so we can follow along in the lecture, I don't really care what medium my book is in. I'm likely getting ready to tune out... Looking forward to your future posts on eBooks!

  2. I must admit that I use both media, Dan.
    Actually, I just see textbooks as convenient ways to collect information in a single place. I want something that is fully interactive. It doesn't have to be on a Kindle. It can just as easily be on a blog (RWLD), just so the primary links are in one place and we can expand from there.


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