Thursday, November 17, 2011

Products of Innovation

I have a bumpersticker on my car that says "Education is Innovation, Not Imitation"  
It is exciting when we see minds who "think different."  Here are a few products that I just found that exhibit innovation.  These may seem stupid, but fun.
Each of the photos are linked to the source.

Hamburger Bedding


  1. The Sonic Blade speaker. Oooh, wish I had me a pair of these!

  2. Bill, the speakers look very cool, but somebody needs to redesign the top part so they don't look like furnace registers on a stick. Dr. Z, I love the ping-pong table idea, but the hamburger lounger just makes me hungry for a Big Mac!

  3. I found one reading Pop Sci where a student made a motorized easy chair. I like the ping pong table idea, very creative use of space. I'm not to sure about laying on lunch though :).

  4. The blades are cool but I just don't understand where they can get the depth of sound that big speakers provide. Well, when we look at the quality of Bose speakers I guess I am just thinking "old school."

  5. I love the motorized easy chair. This is a way you can get things done quickly while lounging.


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