Monday, February 07, 2011

UNI Videos Go Viral

Yes, videos from UNI Panther-Land are making it on the web. We have had a couple of successes.

The first is one from our very own Northern University High School. This one is entitled:
(AKA Bo Beep) It is the brainstorm of two students from Taiwan: Wendell Tsai and Shang-Hung Tsai. Based on a popular music video from Taiwan, the brothers decided to involve some classmates so that they could share something from their culture. (Watch carefully, because I think that the blue and green room with the glaring lights is the broom closet that I used to call my office when I was the instructional technology coordinator at NU high.)

Upon writing this posting, this video has had almost 1/2 million viewings.

Another UNI video (actually set of video) involves the Interlude Dance.  This is a dance using the Interlude song by Attack Attack was created by a student, Tyler Wright. An article about this dance is in our Waterloo Courier newspaper today and it says that Ian Goldsmith and Scott Connerley worked with Wright to create it. They created an instructional video and then, for the 2011 basketball season, the song has been played during game interludes and hundreds of students dance to it.

Below is the instructional video. It has a number of students (is that Hailey dancing there?) who are dancing in their dorms, at McDonalds, under a black light and even at the student union. At this posting, this video had been viewed over 38,000 times.

Now you can watch the video of the students dancing the Interlude Dance during the UNI - Creighton basketball game. You can see hundreds of students dancing (is that Michael in there?).  You might even see some faculty (Is that Nick Pace?)   At this posting, this video has been viewed 59,000 times.

Have you danced the Interlude Dance or the sung Bo Beep? If so, what was your experience?
What other links can you provide us to share this experience?


  1. I'm really good friends with all of the guys who created the Interlude Dance (and I'm even in the instruction video a few times!) and I've been dancing it since fall RA training. It's so crazy to see that so many people around the university, state, country, and even the world know a dance that only the Campbell Hall RAs knew at the beginning of the school year.

  2. the dance on Saturday night (white out vs. Wichita St.) was simply amazing! If you have the chance to see the video, you'll see that it blows this one out of the water.


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