Thursday, December 30, 2010

First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

This video is provides an interesting perspective on leadership.  It was filmed at a conference. Begins with a guy dancing (shirtless dancing guy). He was joined by another person who wanted to dance. This continued until there was a mob of dancers.

The most interesting part was how the narrator pointed out that it was the first follower who transformed the "lone nut" into a leader. He turns this jiggly video of motivated concert goers into a lesson on leadership.

Watch it.  You will enjoy it.

How does it fit your ideas about leadership?  Have you ever considered the importance of the first follower? What does this mean to your life?



  1. Dr. Z--this is great! Simplicity is a great way to teach, and this video is just that: simple yet smart. So, are we first followers? Are we following this Flat Classroom movement and joining their dance? I think so. We are just the first ones in our "neighborhood" to join the dance. It is difficult at times, for I do become self-conscious and feel like a "lone nut", but this video is a great reminder there are lots of other dancers out there :)

  2. I never looked at it this way before, but it's true..."it's the first follower that transforms the lone nut into a leader." Thanks for posting this rich food for thought.

  3. Have you seen the video of the UNI students dancing at the basketball games yet?

    pretty cool stuff there...

  4. Krusermissile;

    Yes, I have seen the Interim dance. Please refer to my Feb 7 posting.



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