Thursday, November 04, 2010

Why is Second Life Such a Ghost Town?


I just spent 2 hours in Second Life and only met one person. I want to ISTE Island, InfoIsland and Virtual State Park to name a few.  It was totally dead.  I know that Second Life is a huge place but shouldn't there be people there? I think that Second Life is suffering from an overexpansion problem.  I would go into the places like the Etopia Eco Village and over half of the shops were empty.

What have been your experiences?  What have you found to be the lively places?  I am especially interested in places with educational interests, not just dance halls.



  1. You're not likely to find too many people in those places. If you use the map, you'll see green markers representing people, and you can see where lots of people are clustering.

    All things considered, though, people generally prefer a much lower density in Second Life.

  2. I revisited Second Life several weeks ago - and the experience was about the same as my first during EIT class last summer - too much time on making things move in the right direction, having people "attack" or make inappropriate gestures and just not enough satisfaction from the experience.

  3. I don't go into Second Life just to hang out. I go there for specific events. Just popping in for me would be like showing up at 10:00 AM at the theater and then declaring that Broadway is dead. Get to know groups like Community Colleges in Second Life. Here is the Second Life ed calendar:


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