Saturday, January 02, 2010

Buying Research Papers is Cheating!!!

Have you ever purchased a research paper? What does it mean when you purchase a paper? Are you too lazy or too rich or don’t you “just get it” about why professors ask you to write papers?

I just had a company that sells research papers leave a comment on my blog and I rejected it. Maybe I am just being idealistic because students can always use Google to find these sites but I have no intention to support this criminal activity. For that reason, this posting will lack the many links that I like to include in my blog.

Not familiar with these research paper mills? Let me tell you something about what they are offering: These businesses market themselves as centers for “research paper assistance.” They suggest that you can purchase their papers to provide additional research for a paper that you are presently writing. HOGWASH!!!

They claim that all of their papers are guaranteed to each of their customers an “A+”. HOGWASH!!! This is ironic when their sites are filled with grammatical errors and misspellings.

They build upon the “Us and Them” structure that they claim educational institutions provide where the teachers make assignments and then “cast off” their students to fend for themselves. One of the sites asks if the students are “victims” of any of 5 research paperwriting problems. These problems include:
  1. Where to find research paper help.
  2. No knowing how to organize your extensive research.
  3. Not have a clear idea of how to write a research paper.
  4. Stuck on research topic selection.
  5. Don’t know how to format a research paper.
  6. Clueless about who to address your writing problems.
(Yes it IS true that their title says 5 problems and they list 6.)

Wondering how much this service costs? There is one site that simply charges $10/page but that is not the norm. Typically, the prices are not based upon quality or quantity, but rather urgency:
  • 6 days or more $15/page
  • 3 days $20/page
  • 24 hours $25/page
  • 8 hours $37/page

This means that these sources say that a student could order a 10-page university-level paper on Thursday morning for $250 and submit it to meet a Friday 3:00 pm deadline!

These mills are claiming that each of the papers is ORIGINAL!!


What is your opinion on this? In my next posting I will talk about why teachers assign research papers and what they can do about this plagiarism issue.

What do you do to address this kind of problem?



  1. In a sense, the students who use these papers pay for them twice... They may pay in dollars and cents, but they will pay again when it becomes obvious (as it inevitably will someday, somewhere) that they have no clue what they are talking about.

    I have been accused once of submitting a paper that was not my own and considered it a compliment; that, and the fact that multiple faculty members found out and came to my defense. Put in the work and you WILL reap the rewards!

  2. You make a good argument, Taleia. I am sorry that you had to suffer false accusation, but a good light shines upon you that you had multiple faculty members come to your defense.


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  4. Masters Research Paper,

    While is it obvious that you have a vested interest, making plagiarized papers available is a way to rob our students of the rigor that is required for learning.


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