Thursday, June 25, 2009

NECC 09 - Using Emerging Technologies to Create a Collaborative Learning Environment

Join us in our 12:00 (Wed) session at NECC 2009 as we explore a variety of new technologies that can be used to create and support a collaborative learning environment in your class.

We will be using:
  • Skype (Video Conferencing)
  • Cover-It-Live (Back Channel Chatting)
  • Google Apps (Cloud Computing Environment)
  • Google Sites (Publishing)
  • Google Forms (Resource Sharing)
  • Custom Search Engines (Resource Sharing)
  • Delicious (Resource Sharing)
  • Zoho Notebook (Resource Sharing)
Cover-It-Live Chat Room (Click the arrow to review the archive)

Slideshow Presentation for the Workshop

Delicious Tags used to identify resources relevant to our presentation: necc09 cle

Zoho Notebook
Zoho Notebook sample page.

Embedded Zoho Notebook sample page


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