Saturday, January 19, 2008

Interesting Places on Second Life

There are a bunch of great places on Second Life but I can never find them when I need them. Thought that I might place the here on a posting at Second Life so that I could always refer people to the SLurl for the site. A SLurl is a web address that you can use get to a place on Second Life.

Here's a site where you can create your own SLurl, SLurl Builder. All that you need to do is enter the coordinates and it will create the SLurl for you.

My House (& UNI IT House)

More to come . .

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to share your URLs as well. Add your URLs as comments. I look forward to seeing what you have to share.



  1. Kirkwood is looking at Second Life right now. There are a group of people who meet weekly to talk about it and use it. I would like to know how we can use this tpye of technology in the class room.

  2. Second Life opens a whole realm of possibilities that just need to be experienced. We just need to dive in and see what happens.



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