Thursday, June 28, 2007

So What's with HyperStudio 5.0?

So what's in HyperStudio 5.0?


Roger took us on an extensive, albeit sometimes jumbled, tour of his new
release on Tuesday Morning. I had seen a demo of it at the MacKiev booth a NECC the day before and it was wonderful.

For those of you who remember HyperStudio, you will be reacquainted with a long lost friend. HS is designed using the screen-by-screen format (didn't catch if they are still using the Card/Stack metaphor in 5.0.) Anyway, thumbnails of sequential cards can be streamed down the left side of the screen. Floating toolbars are more sophisticated because of the extensive palettes that appear instead of dropdown menus.

A wonderful addition that I saw involved editing drawing and painting efforts. You might remember in the earlier versions of HS, If you wanted to move something that you painted on a background, you had to marquee the object and then you moved the object AND any included background. What a

HS 5 considers ANY creation as an individual object. This means that you can grab it, move it, rotate it, expand or contract it. It's a whole new world for editing.

The new HyperStudio is strong when considering the video and Web 2.0
opportunities. You can import videos into your project with relative ease.
Your video can include movie files as well as live feeds where you program
is encompassing direct, live video feeds from cameras connected directly to
the computer. This is just like HS 3.0 The NEW addition allows you to link
live webcams into the program. This wasn't completed when I saw it, but
they said that there would be a set of "approved" webcams that would be
allowed to link. Interesting.

On the output side, Roger was amazing us with the Podcasting capability.
This option wasn't ready for demonstration, but it appeared that you could
export your project to a video that could be podcasted. It would include
the RSS code but you would have to find a site where you would post it. I
don't think that this is officially a podcast because those are usually
limited to an audio file, it's more like a vodcast.

Overall, all that I can say is "ROGER'S BACK and I AM excited!!!!"


  1. Can you tell me if Hyperstudio 5.0 has the capability of allowing the file to be viewed on the Web? If I remember correctly, a plug-in had to be installed on the server in order to allow the files to be viewed. Do you know if that is still the case? Could you elaborate on the Web 2.0 features that you mentioned in your blog.

  2. Can you elaborate on the new features found in Hyperstudio 5.0? In particular, I was wondering if the Hyperstudio files can be viewed on the Web. (The website at MacKiev doesn't provide much information about all the features.)

  3. I am sorry that I don't know the answers to your questions. Ever since I saw the demo in June, MacKiev has been quite secretive about HyperStudio.

    It was supposed to be released in August and still hasn't hit the market.

    I was looking forward to playing with it 3 months ago and now all that I can say is that your guess is as good as mine.


  4. Anonymous4:51 PM

    It's now Sept. 2008 - a year after the predicted release date for HyperStudio 5.0. Do you know what's holding it up and when the program will be available for purchase?

  5. HyperStudio 5 is now selling, does anyone have nay feedback on it?

  6. Anonymous1:48 AM

    I just ordered HyperStudio 5. PayPal says that the money has been transferred - but I did not get even the slightest response from MacKiev. They don't answer to emails, they don't confirm the order, nothing...

    I'm not (yet) convinced that HyperStudio is really shipping! (It's now 2nd half of november 2008)

    Where are the people HyperStudio refers to on their web site, who claim(!) that they are working with HyperStudio since months?


  7. HyperStudio 5.0 IS shipping.
    As you can see, I received a comment from Anonymous saying that he/she had ordered HyperStudio 5.0 but had not received a copy. I decided to follow-up on this for Anonymous. I contacted Roger Wagner and he checked on it. Turned out that it had been a delivery problem. Yes, HyperStudio 5.0 is now shipping. You can learn more about the new HyperStudio at

    Dr. Z


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