Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our kids aren't blueberries

I recently sent a link to a great story that connects kids with Blueberries. No, these are not computer-Blackberries.
It is about a lecture that was given by Jamie Volmer. Jamie was giving a speech to teachers where he was connecting education with a business model.

I sent this link to a mail serve where I got into a discussion about this with David Thornburg. I have asked him for permission to post this discussion here in my blog.

I will provide this by posting his responses as comments to my postings throughout this blog.


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  1. David Thornburg1:45 AM

    Many thanks to Leigh for the blueberry story. It makes a good point, but raises an issue I'd like us to think about. The teacher who (appropiately) nails the speaker sepaks of children as the raw materials of education. I think this is flawed. The students are the clients, the curriculum is the product (if you want to use the business metaphors.) Phil Schlecty does a wonderful job of making this clear in his talks.

    That said, loved the piece.

    Hugs to all,



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